Sunday, 19 June 2011

Frankenstein Inspired.

This is the most recent project completed at University, titled 'Classic' and our own perspective of this theme..
After research into the ‘Classic’ theme and thinking of many ideas, I found myself looking at characterisation, the idea of roleplaying and storytelling, and started looking into classic novels and stories that we all know and love.  I found that a lot of fashion and music is still influenced by stories dated so far back, that to me, to have been remembered and to remain still such an inspiration, these stories carried a classic status that they deserved.

When I found that a friend of mine, Sophie Killingback, on the Makeup and Prosthetics for Theatre course was creating a character this term, we instantly thought about ways we could work together with this initial idea, and how I could work with her this term, as she had also initially planned to work within a group including costume designers etc. It was decided on the classic gothic novel 'Frankenstein', to tie it in with my plan of beauty shots, I decided this theme would be fit for a makeup brand like Illamasqua, with their outrageous and beautiful advertising images, as they highlight in their slogan, “makeup for your alter ego” and this to me, had strong references to the role playing and character based ideas I was initially interested in. The projected images on the backdrop are scenes /locations from the 'Frankenstein' movie, to give that sense of ground and atmosphere to the images. 

The shoot day was great fun and everyone was such an amazing help with my project. 
MODELS Elizaveta Shashenkova & Sophie Dampier-Jeans
MAKEUP Sophie Killingback & Rosie Osborne
ASSISTANTS Tom Perren & Francesca Perren

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