Sunday, 19 June 2011


See I have a thing about nails, and nail art, and it completely fascinates me. As a person I am very hands on and painted for many years and still getting in the odd canvas or two for prezzies in my spare time...! I love the scale and how intricate nail art can be, so here are my nails today which I have painted..Roses! 

Here are some I had done in the last few weeks or so.. 

Frankenstein Inspired.

This is the most recent project completed at University, titled 'Classic' and our own perspective of this theme..
After research into the ‘Classic’ theme and thinking of many ideas, I found myself looking at characterisation, the idea of roleplaying and storytelling, and started looking into classic novels and stories that we all know and love.  I found that a lot of fashion and music is still influenced by stories dated so far back, that to me, to have been remembered and to remain still such an inspiration, these stories carried a classic status that they deserved.

When I found that a friend of mine, Sophie Killingback, on the Makeup and Prosthetics for Theatre course was creating a character this term, we instantly thought about ways we could work together with this initial idea, and how I could work with her this term, as she had also initially planned to work within a group including costume designers etc. It was decided on the classic gothic novel 'Frankenstein', to tie it in with my plan of beauty shots, I decided this theme would be fit for a makeup brand like Illamasqua, with their outrageous and beautiful advertising images, as they highlight in their slogan, “makeup for your alter ego” and this to me, had strong references to the role playing and character based ideas I was initially interested in. The projected images on the backdrop are scenes /locations from the 'Frankenstein' movie, to give that sense of ground and atmosphere to the images. 

The shoot day was great fun and everyone was such an amazing help with my project. 
MODELS Elizaveta Shashenkova & Sophie Dampier-Jeans
MAKEUP Sophie Killingback & Rosie Osborne
ASSISTANTS Tom Perren & Francesca Perren

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Eley Kishimoto x Local Motors x Thomas Perren.

My wonderfully talented boyfriend Thomas Perren is doing some illustration work for designers Eley Kishimoto this term, so here are just a couple of photos I snapped from Tom's shoot, and then edited by him, in aid for his illustration work. 

I love this one with his illustration.

I have to share his website with you, have a look:

Icing Roses.

It is my 21st Birthday on the 23rd July, & I'm having a shared party with my lovely friend Sophie, at my house in the garden.
Me & my mum were looking at cakes to buy.. then we started to think we should make one, so looked at some decorations to use, & it's got to be roses for me, as I'm a little obsessed with them (after all I have them tattooed on me) 
But then we thought... let's just make them ourselves
So we've been sculpting icing roses all day after watching a short tutorial.. & we've mastered it!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Collaboration with Makeup Artist Michelle Q.

I worked as a retail makeup artist in M.A.C. Cosmetics in Westfield shopping centre over the Christmas period just gone, & unfortunately the position was only temporary, but my time there was such a great experience, & I learnt so much. I also met the most lovely people working there too, I like to think I developed some friendships & intend to stay in contact with the wonderful team at Westfields. 

This shoot was for the lovely makeup artist Michelle Q, who was also studying at my University, and her final shoot was titled 'Desire' and I was actually assisting for this shoot, working with photographer Tracer Itai, Stylist Marilyne Delorenzi, but managed to take some lovely shots of beautiful model Elizaveta Shashenkova, whom I have since worked with again. This was such a fun day and we made a great team.

First shot at Lime Grove Studios last year.

Some of my first shots taken at the Lime grove studios at Uni, in my first year. Great facilities.


I am currently in my second year of my BA Fashion Photography degree at London College of Fashion. I thought this would be a great start to the summer leading up to my third and final year of uni, sharing my work and documenting  my ideas. I am also an aspiring Makeup Artist and absolutely love exploring these two aspects in fashion and beauty.