Saturday, 28 April 2012

London College of Fashion Jewellery Designers

I took some shots of fellow students' work from my university, London College of Fashion - they are doing the Jewellery Design course, and are in their final year like myself, and have such beautiful work. 
They are Joanna Chmiel, Francesca Smith, and Max Konig. 
I couldn't wait to shoot these amazing pieces again for my final!

Jewellery by Francesca Smith

Jewellery by Joanna Chmiel

Jewellery by Max Konig

'Vintage' themes, testing. Makeup/Hair/Photography by Myself

For my final major project I was very interested to work with jewellery designers from my Uni to showcase up and coming contemporary designs and pushing the boundaries, putting together very traditionally vintage ideals with a contemporary twist.

These photos were to experiment and concentrate more visually on the vintage ideas I wanted to project for my shoot..considering makeup, hair.

Modelled by Sarah Miles, all hair and makeup by myself.

Modelled by Sophie Killingback, Hair and Makeup by Rosie Osborne.

The Start of the Third Year..

So heres a test shoot I did of Jette Lindner from Bookings in the first term of my final year