Wednesday, 31 August 2011

We arrived in San Diego...

So Tom & I arrived in San Diego in the evening at around 6.30 pm, and met Marcus at the airport to take us home to his house...

Here are a few snaps taken from my phone, Tom has the proper photos on his lovely camera so this is just a snap of the various places I have taken for my family and friends to keep track of what I'm getting up to....

Tuesday 30th August  - The first day here in California! Journey in the car on the way to our first day out..


Our first day out in San Diego was a lovely one, we first went out to a nearby mall, the Fashion Valley Mall, for a bit of shopping and we also had our first corn dog! 
We then went to Balboa Park which was very beautiful and had a walk around and met with Eddie for a stroll in the sun..

 View from the bridge of the freeway underneath us.

Marcus and Tommy..

This was a tree Marcus used to sit under and have lunch when he was at school..

After strolling around Marcus then took me to the rose garden as he knows I have a thing about them..! It was absolutely beautiful..

Curly noonie plant.. we all thought mother would like this one..!

So we got back to Marcus' house and his mum treated us to a lovely meal downtown in a Spanish tapas place called Romescols. We had lots of food and cocktails and it was a great day.!

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  1. Lovely pics.... especially the 'Noonie Plant'..
    love you.. :)